All About Mechanical Keyboards!

RK-61 Mechanical Keyboard

If you haven't yet explored the world of mechanical keyboards, here’s a quick run-down.

There are two types of mechanisms that allow a keyboard to work: a single flat membrane under the entire keyboard or individual mechanical switches under each key.  

Around 90% of keyboards used today are membrane keyboards in which the keys apply pressure to a rubber dome below.  

Membrane keyboards do not provide a definitive click of triggering a switch.  In comparison, mechanical keyboard keys make a spring-loaded switch go off, and once pressed down, you’ll feel or hear a distinctive click.

A mechanical keyboard allows every single key to work independently of one flat membrane, making them a popular choice for touch typists, programmers, gamers, and others that rely on speed, accuracy and programmable keys for their work.

Mechanical keyboards have individual switches beneath each key, which makes this style of keyboard more durable, easier to repair, and more customizable than membrane keyboards. The switches come in three varieties:

  • Linear switches feel smooth when you press them down.
  • Tactile switches have a noticeable bump partway through the keypress, which lets you know that you’ve activated the key.
  • Clicky switches feel like tactile ones but have an added click sound to match the tactile bump.

On “hot-swappable” keyboards, the switches under each key can be changed to suit your own preference.  Switches are classified by their colour, allowing users to choose the feel and sound of keys based on certain factors.

Mechanical Switches

The most common switch colours are as follows:

Red – Linear switches that require only a light touch and spring back very quickly.  These quiet keys are a good option for shared office environments.   Our Royal Kludge keyboards are available with red switches on request.


Blue - "Clicky" switches that make audible clicking noises every time you depress them, reminiscent of traditional typewriters.  The Rococo’s Dream keyboard has blue switches, allowing the feel and sound of the keyboard to match the old-school typewriter appearance.


Brown – tactile switches with a slight bump on each keystroke making them excellent for typing and programming. A very popular choice for an all-round mechanical switch as they don’t make much sound and spring back very quickly.  Our Royal Kludge keyboards come with these popular brown switches, unless red is requested.


Black – Linear switches, similar to red switches but requiring more force to depress the key. 


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