Uni-ball One Gel Pen - Limited Edition 3 Colour Set - 0.38 mm


Uni-ball One has released 2 new Limited Edition set inspired by Autumn and Winter. 

The Uni-ball one applies the newly developed "Uni-ball One" ink. The pigment in "Uni-ball One" ink minimizes the penetration of the ink into paper fibre. As a result, it develops original colours on paper, showing a darker black than an ordinary black ink pen, and showing more vivid colours than other coloured ink pens.

The barrel design is stylish and simple. It features a metal oval-shaped clip that can be easily clipped on your notebook or pocket. The joint part of the clip matches its ink colours.

The Autumn set includes Pansy colour, Nekojarashi colour and Grilled Apple colour. The Winter set includes Konayuki colour, Kinakomochi colour, and Anemone colour.

Tip size: 0.38 mm

Manufacturer: Uni