Zebra Clickart - Limited Edition 6 Colours


Zebra Clickart markers are now available in Limited Edition 6 Colour Packs!

No more missing caps!

Never worry about ink drying out with the Zebra ClickArt marker pen. The Zebra ClickArt features a capless design and new ink technology that absorbs the moisture in the air, which keeps the ink from drying out. The Zebra ClickArt is perfect for journaling, color coding, drawing, and everyday writing. With a satisfying click and the relief of not having to worry about misplacing the cap, the ClickArt marker pen is a perfect companion for your creative projects.

Pack 1 contains Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow and Green.

Pack 2 contains Pink, Marigold, Pale Orange, Leaf Green, Light blue and Pale blue.

  • Water based ink
  • Simple and minimal design
  • Ink never dries out!
  • Retractable and capless functionality – never worry about losing your cap again!
  • Available in 2 different colour sets.